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Canada The One Mortgage Investment Corporation(The One MIC), headquartered in Richmond, BC, is a nonbank financial institution specializing in mortgage investment. The One MIC is licensed by BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) as a mortgage brokerage.

The One MIC absorbs investment fund from general individuals and organizations and distributes and manages mortgages. As a non-bank lender, The One MIC lends in major urban centers of Greater Vancouver area where  real estate stability is strong. Mortgages cover personal owned properties, commercial and industrial real estate. We serve the borrowers who are not eligible for bank loans, but own their own properties and have good credit history. In order to reasonably avoid the risks caused by the volatility of real estate market, The One MIC is focused on short-term loans within one year term, and the loan amount generally does not exceed 75% of the appraised price of mortgage properties.

The One MIC is targeting to achieve an annual return of 8.24% for investors. 100% secured by real estate, with high-quality loan portfolios and professional operations, The One MIC thrive to minimize the risk and create considerable benefits for investors.

  • Committed to investor's values.
  • Stick to optimized​ investment philosophy.
  • Trustworthy
  • Compliant with government regulators.